High Quality, Sports Performance,  Eco-friendly, Ethically Produced, Canadian Made Fabrics.

On average producing one meter of polyester fabric will consume 13 litres of water and over 29,000 kilojoules of energy, but our fabrics have been manufactured using the latest technology that have taken the steps needed to reduce this type of water consumption.

Ocean Folk is proud to introduce Eco-Polyester® in all our swimsuits. Eco-Polyester® is a specialty high performance technical fabric manufactured in Canada using 70% less water, 70% less heat, and 70% less energy than other polyester fabrics. One meter of our Eco-Polyester® fabric will consume only 3.9 liters of water and 8700 kilojoules of energy in the manufacturing process!

We here at Ocean Folk are strong believers in keeping water right here on this earth where it belongs, so we are proud to say our product does just that. More water in our oceans, and more resources on the earth, keeps us Ocean Folk happy.